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Take a Look at This Powerful Anti-Bullying Video

Last edited 18th October 2012

The Diocese of Wollongong Catholic Education Office's Student Anti-Bullying Policy was launched this year, in response to the growing concern in schools relating to bullying involving the use of communication and information technology. Inspired and performed by students at three Catholic primary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Wollongong, this innovative video production uses their voice and experience to focus on the impact of bullying and provides practical strategies for youth to deal with this important issue.

If you would like to order the full resource package please contact Gail Tarrant at Please Note: This resource is available to Australian schools only under the APRA/AMCOS Educational Licence.

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Guest wrote at 7:04pm on August 3rd 2012
This Video is So Relevant to My Life, Thank You So Much For Creating It....I forgot how much I ignored people.
Elizabeth H
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Elizabeth H wrote at 10:37am on August 17th 2012
This is a great video - but we all know bullying is not restricted to the school yard! Many adults apparently hav not learned how to treat people since their school days. The variety of bullying techniques applied by adults can be much worse than a physical punch. Bullying is an abuse of power and it occurs amongst all ages - even old people! Power is gained via many forms not just formally, & behind closed doors when they think it is hidden & they can get away with it- they bully! And this is not restricted to the school yard.. Abuse of formal,social, moral power to control & intimidate others, usually by ganging up& attacking people where individuality of thought & speech is in reality forbidden. If there is a bully at the top there will be bullies all down the ranks - does not make for a healthy /productive organisation. Let us hope this organisation is free of the priest bully/the secretary bully, the 'welcoming committee' bully, the 'parish socialite' bully etc etc = the in crowd.