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UN Condemns Syrian Army and Rebels for War Crimes

UN Condemns Syrian Army and Rebels for War Crimes

The UN has convicted both the Syrian army and the local rebels of war crimes. According to the report signed by 47 members of the Council for Human Rights, the military and the "shabbiha" guerrillas are responsible for the Houla massacre (Hama) which killed 100 people and other atrocities against civilians, including the bombing of a hospital in Aleppo. Its condemnation of the rebels however, was water down. They are charged with committing crimes, but to a "lesser extent" and "less frequently" than the soldiers of the regime.

The document covers the period from 15 February to 20 July and is based on 1062 field interviews with Syrian people and refugees who have fled abroad. Visit this article to read more.

Visit this article

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