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Resisting Aggressive Secularism: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Last edited 1st November 2012

A recent Pew Forum study talked about the rise of 'nones' in America - i.e. those who are not affiliated with Religion. As passionate anti-religion commentators applaud this as a triumph of freedom, they are forgetting that the freedoms and rights that we hold come from Christianity - and are all due to the Church's focus on the value of every human life. Watch this video for an interesting discussion about the growth of aggressive secularism, and how we can resist this widespread view.

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Michael Jaffray King
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Michael Jaffray King wrote at 4:45am on November 5th 2012
Dear Father Barron..
You seem to be forgetting that our world and all the main influences are being run by Luciferian Elites comprising mainly of the Rothschild family and their agents the mega banks. They have trillions of cash at their disposal and are making offers to our world that cannot be refused. This has been going on since for ever in one form or the other. I really look forward to the day when you start exposing this small force of so called elites. It is high time that our Church would learn to do this and then we would all be a real force for these satanists to contend with. Just follow the money and you will arrive at where the problem is and always has been since God allowed satan to be ruler of the world. Yes this is your old friend and mean old in both senses of the word...michael jaffray king. I would really appreciate a response from you