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Bearing Wrongs Patiently: The 5th Spiritual Work of Mercy

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Bearing Wrongs Patiently: The 5th Spiritual Work of Mercy

To "Bear Wrongs Patiently" is perhaps the most revolutionary of the Spiritual works of mercy. It is the one tied most directly to the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. To decide to bear wrongs patiently is nothing less than to declare a revolution and to wage a very paradoxical counteroffensive against this world and its economy of anger.

There is a cycle of violence and retribution in which the devil seeks to engage us. The cycle begins with one person harming or slighting another, perhaps tempted to do so by the devil or by the world or flesh, manipulated by him. And then, the harm having been worked, the victim retaliates and escalates.

Into this cycle of violence and retribution, the Christian who bears wrongs patiently engages in the revolutionary act of saying, even if on a small scale, “the cycle of violence, anger, and retribution ends with me.” Visit this article for more on the often unknown 5th spiritual work of mercy "bearing wrongs patiently".

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