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Saint Teresa of Avila - A Woman of Substance

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Today (15 October) the Church honours the great Carmelite mystic, St Teresa of Avila, who started a reform of the Carmelite Sisters and Friars in the 16th century. Teresa was a woman of exceptional human qualities – warm, intelligent, witty, charming, adventurous, articulate and humorous too. We are familiar with her celebrated saying: “God deliver us from sour-faced saints!”

St Teresa founded over a half-dozen new monasteries in her lifetime. She traveled, wrote, fought - always to renew, to reform. In her self, in her prayer, in her life, in her efforts to reform, in all the people she touched, she was a woman for others, a woman who inspired and gave life.

Read more about her life here.

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things pass away.
God alone remains.
Patience wins all things.
The one who has God needs nothing else.
God alone suffices.
- St Teresa of Avila

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