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Synod Calls for Divorced and Re-Married to Be 'More Integrated' in the Church

Last edited 25th October 2015

The Synod on the Family is officially over and along with it, a document with 94 paragraphs that reflects the discussions held during the three week Synod. For the most part, there was a consensus among the majority of Bishops.

FR. THOMAS ROSICA, Vatican Press Office
"Perhaps some of you could say, well three of those paragraphs, or four did not receive very high numbers—that would be one way of looking at it. Another would be in the context of what Pope Francis is doing for the Church. An image that Pope Francis has used from the beginning of his pontificate is that the the Church is a field hospital. It’s a very beautiful expression and it means that the Church has to be there in all those areas where there is great difficulty.”

One of the points where there is disagreement is the issue of divorced and civilly re-married Catholics. Those who voted against that possibility, state that a so called false charity, could dilute the indissolubility of marriage.

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Krystyna Wielechowska
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Krystyna Wielechowska wrote at 6:18am on November 2nd 2015
Now we have two religions in one Catholic Church.Modernist religion which wants to rewrite and abolish the Mystical Body of Christ and make it relative to the ever changing progressive theology and opposing these modernists influence over the Holy Father are so called conservative prelates whose guard the TRUTH.These Synods show how much of evil reside in our Holy Catholic Church manifesting itself with typical signs of confusion, lack of clarity and firmness as well as lack of confession of True Faith.Holy Father should run faith test for all these prelates before summoning them for the Synod.The knowledge of 10 commandments is a basic test for those who are about to receive First Holy Communion therefore it would suffice for those modernist prelates to be enrolled again for catechists classless.