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A Woman of Real Worth: The Intellectual Life

Last edited 10th December 2015

A Woman of Real Worth: The Intellectual Life

Be a Woman of Real Worth I take heart from other Catholic women like Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur, a quote of hers pasted on the wall of my office:

“In the society in which you will live, you will have an intellectual duty to perform that is more important than ever. You ought to be a woman of real worth, well educated, with your mind open to every argument from outside. You ought to know how to discern among incoherent and varying ideas and systems that which is true or fruitful in each. The Fathers of the Church said that each of these systems contained ‘the soul of truth’ that must never be allowed to die. Never be put off by words and always go beyond appearances.

In this patient search for the truth and a habit of fairness that we ought to have towards others and their ideas, we need integrity of mind, clear judgment, and solid learning. You will gradually acquire these things, and you will do so more easily when your convictions become more consciously developed….

Devotional practices ought never to be anything other than the manifestation of what lies in one’s depths. We must first thoroughly grasp the truth that such practices help to enliven within. So, too, we must grasp the harmony of the Church as a whole, the vitality and power of Christian teachings, and the moral and social value of Christian doctrine.”

Or Dr Catherine Pakaluk, a Harvard-trained economist and a strong Catholic who studies the economics of the family and gender at Ave Maria University in Florida.

Check out her vital talk about “Being Mary in a Martha World: Edith Stein on What Women Want” to upend any conventional ideas that may linger about your future as a woman of faith in today’s world.

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