Year of Youth 2018

Rivers & Robots - Shepherd Of My Soul

Last edited 15th February 2016

Lord of the mountains and sea
You are treading a path set for me
God of the seasons and sky
You have always been holding my life

And Lord, You are the shepherd of my soul
So I lay down my plans,
I give up my rights

And let You take control of this surrendered life
So I put my trust in the one
Who created the stars and the sun
You are eternally kind
Always faithful and endlessly wise

You comfort, You sustain
In shaking You remain
Unmoved and unafraid
Forever and always
You lead me by still waters
Lead me through the valleys
Lead me in Your wisdom
Shepherd of my soul

Through valleys of shadow and death I am not afraid
By my Father’s breath every star in the sky was made
And who can I fear when You’re standing right here by my side?
Always leading, protecting and guarding my left and my right
Father You make all things new
Great God of creation
Father You will always be my rock and salvation.

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Hannah Knight
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Hannah Knight wrote at 12:41pm on February 25th 2016
A wonderful and elegant song. It filled my heart with joy. It has a genuine and very true meaning to it. I could listen to it on repeat, all day.