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Honouring Missionary Women on International Women’s Day

Last edited 7th March 2016

Honouring Missionary Women on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, Catholic Mission is celebrating the missionary women that continue to have a profound impact on the lives of millions, both here in Australia and overseas.

Father Brian Lucas, Catholic Mission’s national director, says that women are often the unsung heroes of the Church, though the organisation has highlighted their incredible work in recent campaigns.

“Over the past five years,” he said, “Catholic Mission has shown in many of our campaigns and appeals the dedication of women missionaries all around the world,” he said.
“Even in the most difficult circumstances—from Sister Maureen in Ethiopia and Sister Bridget in the Philippines, to Sister Clara in India and Sister Anne in Jamaica—the courage of these women, and the local women they work with, is unquestionable and their faith unwavering.”
International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This year, Catholic Mission is calling for all supporters to remember the immense contribution women make to the Church and broader life.

“Especially today, on International Women’s Day, we should take a moment to thank the women in our lives, our mums, sisters, wives, daughters, partners and friends,” he said. “Women form an integral part of the wonderful work of the Church in the world, including Catholic Mission.

“Our organisation was founded by a lay missionary woman, Pauline Jaricot, and we’ve supported inspirational women ever since, from Mother Teresa in Kolkata to, more recently, Sister Alma Cabassi in Broome.”

Catholic Mission’s Church Appeal in 2016 carries on the tradition, with Sister Eulie Desacula from Cambodia the star of the campaign to be launched in May. She was featured in the agency’s 2013 Children’s Appeal, which profiled her work at the Lindalva Centre in Phnom Penh, caring for vulnerable young children.

Father Lucas says that in every corner of the world, Catholic missionary women can be found working endlessly to promote faith, justice and the wellbeing of communities and those living within them.

“I invite you to join me also in praying for the missionary sisters and laity around the world, who so selflessly serve their communities despite often very dangerous or uncomfortable conditions.”

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