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Syrian refugees answer "What did the war take from you?"

Last edited 24th May 2016

The Syrian war is now in its fifth year and the violence is unabating. Brutal conflict has caused mass devastation and destruction, leaving unthinkable suffering and heartbreak in its wake.This war has taken so much: children’s mothers and fathers, happy memories, home.Refugees who have fled Syria with nothing now face a new problem: hunger. Because of a shortage of funds, some families have not received food parcels for 7 months. They’re scraping by however they can, but they need your help.

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Paulo Ravunakaidere sm
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Paulo Ravunakaidere sm wrote at 12:20am on May 24th 2016
Let us pray for them and on this special day the feast of Mary Help of all Christians to intercede for us as we pray for the end of the war.
Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 4:03pm on May 30th 2016
God bless Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin who are working very hard to bring peace to Syria.