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Canada a Suitable Option for Australia's Asylum Seekers, Labor says

Last edited 24th May 2016

Canada a Suitable Option for Australia's Asylum Seekers, Labor says

Mr Albanese told the ABC's Q&A program on Monday that Canada is among a "range of countries" suited to resettle Australia's asylum seekers.

The labor frontbencher responded to a question by audience member Nicola Dowse on the issue on mandatory resettlement of asylum seekers, by suggesting that Canada is an "obvious" option for Australia's refugees.

Program host Tony Jones asked if New Zealand was also considered, which Mr Albanese answered "it might be". Mr Albanese said the decision would be up to the migration minister of the day to negotiate those arrangements.
underestimated the pull factor from Labor's relaxation of the previous Howard government's tough stance on asylum seekers, which resulted in an influx of some 50,000 arrivals and 1000 people drowned at sea.

He said he got it wrong and Labor could not sustain the fact that more than 1000 people were coming, risking their lives by boat to try to get to Australia towards the end of its term in office. He says Labor doesn't want the people-smuggling trade to start up again, but wants to treat people humanely by doubling the humanitarian intake.

Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, who joined Mr Albanese on the Q&A panel, says the most compassionate approach is to have a generous and orderly refugee system which looks after everyone, not just those that can pay people smugglers.

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Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 8:04am on May 27th 2016
Hey Mr Albanese...( Labor Politician ).....what's wrong with allowing refugees into Australia? You bomb their countries and treat them as animals.

Our political leader do no represent the majority of voters in Australia. Never listen to what they say because they do not tell the truth.