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US Election: Clinton Set to Cement Hold on Nomination

Last edited 8th June 2016

US Election: Clinton Set to Cement Hold on Nomination

Hillary Clinton is hoping to claim victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination after six states have finished holding primaries.The Associated Press says Mrs Clinton has already reached the 2,383 delegates needed, taking into account pledges of support from so-called superdelegates.

She looks set to win New Jersey but the race could be tighter in the other big prize state, California.

Rival Bernie Sanders insists it is too early to call the result.Meanwhile, the Republican's nominee, Donald Trump, has been accused by the party's house speaker of making the "textbook definition of racist comments" about a US-Mexican judge.

Republicans are also voting in the same states, except North Dakota, although the result is meaningless as Mr Trump has already secured the party's nomination.

The final Democratic primary is in Washington DC on 14 June. It has 45 delegates.

Are we sure Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination?The Associated Press says its count has Mrs Clinton on 1,812 pledged delegates and 571 superdelegates.

US media organisations say this means she will now become the first female nominee for a major US political party.

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