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'Why is Grandma Leaving?' Support Grows for New Parent Visa

Last edited 19th June 2016

'Why is Grandma Leaving?' Support Grows for New Parent Visa

When Arvind Duggal moved to Australia in 2008, he brought his young family, but he had to leave one important family member behind. His mother still lives in India, visiting as often as Australian migration laws allow. "She is coming here for one year then she goes back for six months,” says Mr Duggal.

“That time is really hard for us because she is living by herself, with no support. So it's really important for us to bring her here." Visas which let parents of migrants live permanently in Australia are difficult to obtain, and expensive, costing $50,000 per person or a wait of about 30 years for a low-cost version. Mr Duggal currently has two sisters living in India, so neither of these options are available to him. He doesn’t pass the “balance of family” test.

The Adelaide-based bus driver says in his culture, it’s the son’s responsibility to look after parents. “This is really making us sad,” he says, adding that it is also hard on his young children.

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