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Body Shapes: What's in a Name?

Last edited 19th August 2016

Body Shapes: What's in a Name?

Do you like being called a ‘pear’? How about ‘goblet’? Or, drumroll…a ‘brick’? Well, according to a quick Google search on body shapes, you might be one of these inspiring options.

Yet from my experience, women tend to be sensitive about their shape as it is, without being labelled as fruit bowl contents or a medieval drinking utensil.

We.just.don’t.need.that. Historically, I’m not sure how the comparison of women to random objects and mushy fruits all started but I guess there’s logic behind it. In a clinical kind of way, it does demonstrate different proportions. Yet, while I’m all for educating women on what suits them, surely there’s a more encouraging, uplifting way?

When researching to find the original geniuses behind the lets-compare-woman-to-fruit-and-random-objects-we-see-around-the-house trend, I came across this 1967 advertising campaign by Mr Warner’s ‘Body-Do Girdle & Bra’.

It’s amusing in a small way and misogynistic in a big way, served up with a side dish of shape-shaming.

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