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Emily Wilson: The Thing I Couldn't Stand About Modesty Talks

Last edited 6th July 2017

Emily Wilson has heard a LOT of modesty talks in her lifetime. In this video, author/musician shares about the thing she couldn't stand about them and what she thinks is the right way to approach and think about modesty.

DISCLAIMER FROM EMILY: I do believe that the women who I heard speak had good intentions. I just think the mark has really been missed on empowering women to dress with class and dignity for reasons that are strengthening and uplifting. And I want to change that.


Emily Wilson is one of the international guests of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney on December 7-9.

She is an inspirational speaker, author, and musician. This Californian's ministry is helping every person she encounters recognise their identity and worth in Christ through witness and worship.

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Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 12:29am on July 10th 2017
Very well articulated and thought out. I hope this message gets out to all women in the world.