Year of Youth 2018

Ignite Live - Ellen Hales

Last edited 30th August 2017

Meet Ellen Hales she loves retreats and when she was younger her escape was to climb an enormous tree in her backyard.

The trunk was enormous and you couldn't get your arms around it.

It was her safe place in a hectic house full of 5 kids.

One day in particular when Ellen was in Year 7 a family friend passed away from Leukemia it was Ellen's first experience dealing with death.

She remembers going home, packing a bag full of roll-ups and went to climb her tree. As she made her way up higher and higher and higher to deal with the emotions and feelings inside, she got to the stage where it was so thick with branches and leaves she stopped moved to the edge of the thick branch and looked out over her neighbourhood. She was trying to understand what had happened and the unstillness she experienced inside herself.

It was there that a gentleness washed over her and God spoke. God comes and speaks to us in the language of peace. When we are discerning something or dealing with something big. For Year 7 Ellen this experience was a profound moment.

Jesus wants to be with you in your life, right here and right now. Jesus is in every moment, our saddest most overwhelming moments or our most joyful moments and He is always calling us to come and follow Him.

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