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Pope in Santa Marta: A Person Without Roots is Not a Happy Person

Last edited 5th October 2017

In his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis spoke of the importance of knowing one's roots, because those who rediscover their origin, also renew their joy.

"A person without roots, who has forgotten his roots, is sick. One must refind, rediscover their roots and take the strength to go forward, the strength to flourish."

Finally, Pope Francis said that just as with people, a population that leaves their roots behind is also a sick population.


“A person without roots, who has forgotten his roots, is sick. Finding, rediscovering their roots and taking the strength to go forward, the strength to flourish and, as the poet says, ‘the power to flourish because – he says – what the tree has born in fruit comes from what he has buried.’ Just that relationship between the root and the good we can do.

“Resistance comes from those who prefer exile, and when there is no physical exile, psychological exile: self-exile from the community, from society, from those who prefer to be uprooted people, without roots. We must think of this psychological self-exile as a disease: it does so much harm. It takes away the roots. It takes away our belonging.”

“The man and woman who find their roots, who are faithful to their membership, are a man and a woman in joy – joy – and this joy is their strength. From the weeping of sadness to tears of joy: from the weeping of weakness at being far from their roots, far from their people, to the cry of belonging; ‘I’m home’. I am at home.”

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Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 6:51pm on October 9th 2017
Pray for the Pope.