Year of Youth 2018

Ken Yasinski Reflects on Slacking in our Relationship with God

Last edited 8th October 2017

We all want to do what we want, without displeasing God too much. We tend to wonder how much can I get away with before I really blow it with God, and when we recognize this attitude creep up in our life we have to realize we need a conversion in this area of our life.

Because what we are really saying to God is, "how little can I love you before I loose you and my salvation." Love does not consider this; selfishness does. Image I asked my wife, "how much do I have to listen to your words? How much time do I have to spend with you? How much time can I spend thinking about other women or watching online porn before I often you?"

Love does not ask these kind of questions! We need to take our eyes off of our selves and place them upon God. A great prayer to counter this attitude would be, "God help me to love you more today than I did yesterday."

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