Year of Youth 2018

Lent: Christina King - My Encounter - Not Alone

Last edited 8th March 2018

Christina King explains of a time in her life where she felt that everything was falling apart in her life.

She explains:

"I was overwhelmed and angry at God. I yelled at Him saying where are you? How can you let these things keep happening to me?

In my mind's eye, at that moment I saw Christ weeping with me. That what had been done to me in my past had been done to Him."

I realised that He is here with me, in every moment of every day. He feels with me and feels for me.

In that moment I realised I wasn't as alone as I thought I was. I realised that at any given moment I can ask Christ to enter into a moment with me. That was a good day it really turned things around.

This video was created by Parousia Media you can subscribe to their YouTube chennel here.

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