Year of Youth 2018

Budding Bloggers Ready to Share the Faith

Last edited 5th June 2018

Budding Bloggers Ready to Share the Faith

On Tuesday evening, the 5th of June, Xt3 and Sydney Catholic Youth hosted a Blogger's Workshop for the Year of Youth.

Young Catholics from around Sydney who had an interest in sharing about the faith through writing were encouraged to apply to be part of this exclusive workshop.

Five applicants were successful and poured into Xt3 HQ amidst a rainy Sydney evening. The workshop participants were met by professional Catholic writers/bloggers, Dr Matthew/ Tan (also an author of two books), Joy Adan, Monica Doumit and Marilyn Rodrigues. All are contributors to The Catholic Weekly, amongst other publications.

The night consisted of 3 short keynote talks by Joy, Marilyn and Dr Matthew and was broken up by sessions of 'Show and Tell', where each participant bravely read aloud their work and received constructive feedback, in front of the whole group, from one of our special guests. It was a daunting but helpful exercise, which equipped each participant with the tools and confidence to move forward and improve on their writing.

Keep an eye out for the work of these 5 new and talented Xt3 writers, who'll be regular contributors to our library of faith resources.

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Sister Maureen Irvine
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Sister Maureen Irvine wrote at 12:03am on June 17th 2018
What a great idea! A Christian blog workshop. Was it only for those lucky three? When will there be one in Melbourne? Sr Maureen Irvine
Xt3 .com
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Xt3 .com wrote at 11:47pm on June 20th 2018
Sister Maureen, thank you for the great feedback! We had 5 participants (1 had to back out last minute). We are based in Sydney and don't currently have the capacity to hold one in Melbourne, but if you know any young people in Melbourne who would benefit from such a workshop, please refer them to email us at

Thank you!