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Career Choice: Spouse First

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Career Choice: Spouse First

"Mr Right is unlikely to just turn up while a girl is getting on with her own life", by Lea Singh at

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Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 2:28am on May 26th 2011
I say, If I was a woman I'd be pretty happy to stay at home and let my husband work and provide for me and the kids! I don't get why women are so fussed about making a big career and all that stuff. As long as they are well educated so that they can look after themselves in case they don't happen to get married, then it's all good. But really... putting a career before a husband... I don't get it.
Elizabeth.. .
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Elizabeth.. . wrote at 9:37am on May 26th 2011
Well they do say that 'single is the blessed state'...

Personally I don't think most women want to go out to work and clean the house, do the groceries and be responsible for the children's homework as well - it's just that these days, quite honestly, any woman who is not at least working part time is looked down upon as though she is lazy and bludging etc. Just look at the latest policies of Julia Gillard towards getting women back into the workforce - if you are young and haven't finished your HSC, then your child/baby goes into full time child care at 6 months so you can finish your HSC and get a good job!! - according to this country - forget playgroup. Also, economically, due to the cost of petrol and groceries, electricity, not to mention a house & rising costs of house insurance, running a car etc, many households with children simply cannot afford for the woman to stay at home and not work. Also years ago when marriages were secure and divorce was not so easy and acceptable, women had more security - whereas these days, you simply have to be able to look after yourself financially, because quite simply - there ain't no guarantees your marriage will last, and no one else is going to. Unfortunately this is reality in the land of opportunity, where the educated are told they have the keys & the right to their dreams. Men also believe this.