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Theology on Tap - Sydney

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Theology on Tap - Sydney

Feel like tapping into one of the most popular social events in Sydney?

Heard about the event that attracts a few hundred young adults each month?

Theology on Tap is a monthly event (coming up to its 9th year) where people from all walks of life get together for a bit of food for thought over some theology on tap.

Why ‘on tap’? Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad!

TOT is held at Le Pub, a great new Parisian-inspired venue that mixes the romance of Paris with the "every day" of the Metro. Nestled underground on the corner of King and York Street and only a few minutes away from Town Hall and Wynyard Stations, it’s in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Come along to Le Pub during the evening of every first Monday of the month to make some new friends, enjoy some good food and wine, all the while listening to an engaging speaker chat for 20mins on a particular topic connected with the Catholic faith, with a brief time after for Q&A.

And if you can't make it... listen to the talks here on Xt3!

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Robert Hiini
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Robert Hiini wrote at 12:27am on August 20th 2010
Questioner: "Peter, the talk you gave was interesting. Again, you had this call on what men should do. I remember the talk by women was also largely around what men should do. So, I'm just interested in hearing the other side.

"People came here to hear "what do men want" and I assume that some people thought they were going to hear what do men want in women, for example. So far you've said "well, let us be men" and then you've told men what to do.

So there are some girls out there wondering what do guys want from us except from "just let us be a man". You know, "how do I stop being taking advantage of", "how do I avoid taking advantage", all those kinds of relationship type of issues".

Peter: "I avoided all of the demand-on-women kind of things precisely because, you know, it sounds a bit whiny".

God bless the guy who asked that question. I was wondering that myself.

Too many of these male-female talks seem to go along the lines of "women, you are a priori awesome", "men, get it together".

I'm interested in relationship. Not idolatry.

I liked Peter's talk but the answer he gave to that questioner had all the sophistication of "toughen the eff up, p**fter".

My two cents,

Robert Hiini
William Sulik
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William Sulik wrote at 10:43pm on March 23rd 2011
Thank you for posting this. It appears that the talk entitled "The Courage to be Catholic-Combating Anti-Life Legislation with Cardinal Raymond Burke" is damaged - a large portion of this is missing.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could fix this.

Thank you.
catherine Kennedy
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catherine Kennedy wrote at 11:25pm on March 24th 2011
Yes agree with William S as below now we like what we can hear so please can you fix this.
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 5:05am on March 25th 2011
HI William and Catherine - the full audio for Cardinal Burke's talk is now online. Unfortunately there is some unavoidable background noise from the venue, but if you click on "download this audio" it is a little clearer.
William Sulik
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William Sulik wrote at 4:13pm on March 25th 2011
Thank you very much.
Clare Westlund
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Clare Westlund wrote at 5:53pm on June 22nd 2015
His testimony is absolutely amazing! I would love to thank him personally for what he did! I continue to pray for him!
Clare Westlund
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Clare Westlund wrote at 6:10pm on June 22nd 2015
What a fantastic job you did on this presentation!