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Couple Forced to Abort 8-Month Pregnancy

Last edited 21st October 2010

Warning - Here is a story you might not have the stomach to listen to!

In this video, a Chinese couple shares a heart-rending story of being forced to abort their second child when the mother was 8-months pregnant. Click here to read a commentary on this news story, from the National Catholic Register.
Please pray for China!

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enggrid tjia
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enggrid tjia wrote at 8:29am on October 26th 2010
It is real ! It happens every second in China. Please pray for the conversion of China. Bring China to Christ ! Pray for the families to stand up and to be families in CHRIST. The fathers will be the men of Christ. The mothers will be the women of Christ. The sons and daughters will be the sons and daughters of Christ in Jesus Christ name. Amen.
Shawn Roche
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Shawn Roche wrote at 6:17pm on October 27th 2010
I pray that the government who enforces such a devilish law be overthrown. Christ will last long after they have gone.