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Science Doesn't Have All The Answers

Last edited 12th October 2011

Science Doesn't Have All The Answers

Despite the giant leaps made by science over the past century, scientists are still unable to explain the huge difference between humans and all living beings, says Father Brendan Purcell. "When science examines the origins and evolution of human beings more questions are raised than are answered," he says.

Now Fr Purcell, Assistant Priest at St Mary's Cathedral and an internationally renowned academic, has written a ground-breaking book that explores these issues and answers to the ultimate question: where did human beings come from. The book is called "From the Big Bang to the Big Mystery: Human Origins in Light of Creation and Evolution".

All are welcome when Cardinal Pell launches the book in Australia at St Benedict's Building, 104 Broadway at the Sydney Campus of the University of Notre Dame at 5 pm on Friday, 7 October.

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