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WYD Rio a Life-Changing Celebration of Faith
Last edited 11th August 2013

World Youth Day in Rio's impact continues to be felt and for 23-year-old Natasha Mohamad the experience has had such an impact she is not only making arrangements to be in Poland for WYD16 but aims to be accompanied by at least 20 of the Year 10 and 11 students she teaches at Sydney's Marist College Kogarah.


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Missionary Pope: Francis in Brazil
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Catholic News Service looks at the impact of the first Latin American pope's visit to his native continent, for World Youth Day 2013.

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Epic Pope Francis Quotes from World Youth Day Rio 2013
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Lifeteen.com has put together some of the most inspiring, moving and epic quotes by Pope Francis during World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro:


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WYD Statistics from Rio’s Local Organizing Committee
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Matt Maher's Moving Song played during WYD's Eucharistic Adoration
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Musically speaking, one of the most moving moments of World Youth Day was marked by a Vigil in Rio's Copacabana beach. Grammy-nominated singer Matt Maher, sang on his knees during a Eucharistic Adoration ceremony, as millions of youths and the Pope prayed before the Blessed Sacrament.

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A Very Big Statue of Jesus
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Yes, World Youth Day Rio has ended, but we shot so much footage it’s still coming in, in a big way. One of my favorite memories from WYD, was our trip to Corcovado. Atop this lush mountain, is an iconic statue of Jesus – “Christ the Redeemer”. Standing tall for nearly a century, this statue represents the man who claimed he was God incarnate.


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Cardinal Pell Reflects on WYD Rio Experience - Interview at Iguazu Falls
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Cardinal Pell and a group of Sydney pilgrims have spent the last few days at the magnificent Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina - debriefing on their WYD pilgrimage to Peru and the huge events in Rio de Janeiro with Pope Francis.


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Pope Francis and World Youth Day: A Commentary by Fr. Barron
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The amazing thing about World Youth Day, is that young people always respond with enthusiasm to the Pope - regardless of which Pope is leading World Youth Day! What does this say about the Catholic Church and the role of the Holy Father? In this video, Fr. Robert Barron reflects on past World Youth Days, and talks about the specific messages that Pope Francis had for the Church in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rio's WYD in Numbers
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After a highly successful event, organizers for World Youth Day in Brazil released final attendance tallies, with two of the days surpassing the 3 million mark. In all over 3.5 million pilgrims took part in the events for WYD, even though only 427,000 pilgrims registered. Attendance increased as the week went on. On Tuesday, July 23, 600,000 people participated. However, by that Friday, the number of pilgrims swelled to 2 million.

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Aussie Volunteer's Private Lunch with Pope at WYD!
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World Youth Day volunteer, West Australian Josephine Yustira was one of two pilgrims chosen to represent Oceania at a private lunch with Pope Francis during the six day celebrations in Rio de Janeiro.


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